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When booking online please fill in your name and phone number, If you are booking for a Veteran or and injured Worker enter only your contact information and fax or e-mail/post the formal referral.

Book a Service
  • Review of your functional capacity and the demands of your environment

    1 hr 45 min

    175 Canadian dollars
  • Review your seating system for setup and then pressure map

    1 hr 15 min

    120 Canadian dollars
  • Personalized guidance for finding care resources and setting up a plan

    1 hr

    Hourly at $100/hr
  • Service updates and intervention planning

    15 min

    37.50 Canadian dollars
  • Evaluation for WCB Benefits, this is a prior approval only service

    2 hr

    0.00 Canadian dollars
  • Review of wheelchair and the seating components

    15 min

    55 Canadian dollars
  • Pressure Mapping and Surface Selection

    1 hr 45 min

    215 Canadian dollars
  • Equipment trials and selection using pressure mapping

    2 hr

    165 Canadian dollars
  • Mapping with evaluation of the wheelchair or bed system

    2 hr 30 min

    260 Canadian dollars
  • 1 hr

    99 Canadian dollars
  • In person, at home or virtual follow up is available

    20 min

    45 Canadian dollars
  • Please use this option to manage the timing of appointments online

    20 min

    0.00 Canadian dollars
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